Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My computer is taunting me. Loudly.

I'm leaving Xoma, and arrived at work yesterday morning to a surprise: my computer is taunting me! And loudly, too.

There followed much perusal of ps lists and greping through the entire filesystem, but I couldn't find the source. Nithin finally suggested I find any file altered in the past few days, which led me to ... Nithin's .bash_history. Which led me to this, from "site-packages/":

#!/usr/bin/env python
import os
import sys
import random as ran

taunts = [
'Wha' + 't ar' + 'e y' + 'ou do' + 'ing?',
'go' + 'od ridd' + 'ance',
'say' + 'anara! suc' + 'ker', 'y' + 'ou a' + 're a dir' + 'ty trai' + 'tor',
'I tho' + 'ught w' + 'e w' + 'ere frie' + 'nds',
'a ro' + 'ck wa' + 's mi' + 'spla' + 'ced, ' + 'Kie' + 'ran ha' + 's vani' + 'shed',
'won' + 'der b' + 'oi h' + 'as go' + 'ne t' + 'o t' + 'he da' + 'rk si' + 'de']

if __name__ == '__main__':
t_index = ran.randint(0, len(taunts)-1)
os.system('os' + 'ascr' + 'ipt -e "set Vol' + 'ume 6"')
os.system(('sa' + 'y "%s"') % taunts[t_index])


This process was run every 15 min by a launchd plist called "," which sounds pretty innocuous. Brilliant!

Xoma's lucky that Nithin Reddy and Jake Rothenbuhler possess more loyalty and general fortitude than I do.

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Jake said...

you forgot to mention how l33t we are! you got pwn3d n00b