Monday, May 19, 2014

So you ditched your iPhone for an Android device ...

No, not me, I certainly haven't gotten rid of my iPhone.  Even if I didn't love the newish looks of iOS 7 (and I do love it), I'm much too lazy to learn a new UI without major payoff.

But my brother DID ditch his iPhone, and now sending him a text message is a pain, b/c my iPhone defaults to iMessage.  (There's even a lawsuit!)

I've found two threads discussing fixes for this; I haven't tried either, and haven't heard back from my brother, so I'm posting both in the hopes that one works.

(I) The easy method (from

Step 1

Step 2

Log in with your Apple ID and password.

Step 3

Select the product you need to de-register (your iPhone, for example).

Step 4

Click ‘Unregister’.

Step 5

You’ll see the message ‘Are you sure you want to unregister and delete this product?’ – Click ‘Unregister’ again.
NOTE: if you’ve got any other iMessage-capable devices registered to the same Apple ID that you no longer have access to, unregister these now.

(II) The slightly harder method, from

The long and short of my fix was 1) going to my iphone Settings under "Messages" and assuming iMessage is set to "on" scroll down to where it says "Send & Receive" and click on that. It showed my phone number along with other email and Apple related addresses. Deselect the phone number now associated with my Android device as well as any email messsages from which I didn't want to send/receive iMessages (in my case I still want to receive iMessages at email addresses associated with my iPad and MacBook). After doing those steps, close out of Settings.
 Then 2) go to the itunes/apple page and change your password at the following page:

When you change the password on your account it supposedly deauthorizes the phone number and other addresses just deselected addresses from iMessage.

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Anonymous said...

Have you considered using Telegram? Safer alternative to WhatsApp and runs on several platforms. Also comes with a mode that supports end-to-end encryption and where you can let your messages self-destruct.